Zack Underwood

Kitty by Zack Underwood

Zack Underwood Tennessee Valley Art Museum presents a new exhibition by emerging artist Zack Underwood, who is a Florence, AL native. The exhibition will be on display at the museum […]

Art of Watercolor

In this odd Covid-19 world that we are finding ourselves in, getting to stand in front of wonderful pieces of art in a museum has become impossible for the moment. […]

Ethel Davis Collection

Tennessee Valley Museum of Art’s permanent collection is home to many of Ethel Davis’s original artworks. Ethel’s unique vision and love of narrative translated easily to the brush as she […]

Martin Petroglyph

History of the Martin Petroglyph In 1990, Robert B. Martin, Jr. and Donnie Martin, owners of the property, became aware of the damage being done to the bluff shelter site […]