Helene Fielder Teapots in TVMA Gallery

Tennessee Valley Museum of Art is proud to host Shapes of Things, an exhibition by renowned clay artist Helene Fielder.

Helene Fielder lives in Booneville, Mississippi. She was born in Rive de Geir, France, and became a naturalized U.S. citizen as a child. She has lived and worked many places before settling in Mississippi, including Slovenia, Germany, and various U.S. states. Her studio, Bumblebee Pottery, features beautiful functional pottery, as well as purely sculptural work.

Helene has taught both pottery and silversmithing and has worked in marketing, illustration and advertising, but pottery is still her enduring passion.  After four decades working with clay, it still excites her when the kiln lid opens. The clay experiment is still in progress.. Some of her most notable accomplishments include exhibiting with Andy Warhol, Jun Kaneko,  Richmond Barthe & George Edgar Ohr when being chosen as the first Ceramic Exhibit for the opening of the Ohr Museum

Her creative process begins with observation and by sketching forms and patterns based on whatever is currently inspiring her.  Maybe microscopic cells or the texture of a rough stone.  She attempts to capture the mood and impressions of these forms, later to be made into ceramic sculptures using handbuilding and wheel-throwing techniques.  Glazed and fired to 2,232 degrees fahrenheit.

Visit the museum or call 256-383-0533 if you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces. Please confirm dimensions and price upon calling.
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