An Art Association for the People

non-profit regional arts organization

The Tennessee Valley Art Association is a regional arts organization established by artists and patrons in the 1960s. The association embraces all creative and applied arts through its two subsidiaries; The Ritz Theatre and The Tennessee Valley Museum of Arts.

Our Board Members

Chair – Burt Helton

Vice Chair – Willie Buchanan

Secretary – Donna Gosney

Treasurer – Andy Mann

Kenneth Brooks.    Mollie Holland.     Lori Johnson.     Michael Pretes.      Martha Zuelke.     Lynn Coleman.    Lisa Minor.     Stephan Tomlinson.     Keith Worsham.     Nancy Anders.     David Black.     Matt Golley.     Libby Johnson.     Aubrey Wilson.

Our Committees

Executive Committee



Long Range Planning

Acquisitions Committee

Special Projects



Membership and Nomination