Traveling Trunks

available for your 4th grade class!


Porcupine quill embroidery samples on brain tanned leather
by Lally Bartman House

Woven bag reproduction by Monica Newman Moore

Learn about the Prehistoric Cultures
of the American Southeast

The Tennessee Valley Art Association provides six traveling trunks containing curricula and authentic reproductions relating to the prehistoric culture of northwest Alabama to 4th grade educators in the region’s public and private schools. The purpose of the trunks is to provide historically correct resource materials to enrich the study of Native American history at the elementary school level. A training session for using the contents of the trunks is included. The trunks are inspired by the Museum’s permanent exhibit of the Martin Petroglyph.

We are retooling our Traveling Trunk program.
Call us at 256-383-0533 if you’re interested in booking a Traveling Trunk for the Spring 2021 semester.



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